Like you, we are serious about containing the virus.
Rather than panic, North Lodge takes a common-sense approach because we believe that a cure and a vaccine will be available soon.
We are therefore maintaining high awareness among our team, and are prioritising:

  • Accessible door handles, surfaces and anything that a guest may touch to be wiped down on a daily basis.
  • Handwash stations are being installed at each entrance, exit and at strategic points on the grounds.Guests and ALL visitors will have the opportunity to perform a 20 second handwash ON ARRIVAL at North Lodge.
  • We will provide fresh running water, plus liquid soap with approved sanitizer added. This means that you will be able to sanitize your hands BEFORE entering your accommodation, as well as INSIDE your unit.
  • We are sourcing face masks as well, for our staff as well as for guests.
Shortages are always a risk, and this is a team effort – Please also travel with extra soap, toilet rolls, sanitizer and paper towels. For hygiene reasons, North Lodge continues with the policy of asking guests to bring their own bath towels.
As a self catering, self service destination, North Lodge provides toilet paper for the first night only– thereafter guests should provide themselves with paper.